Online Gaming Cryptocurrency Crowdsale Released

Cryptocurrencies have been very popular in recent time as people are looking for financial investments that are decentralized and distinct in some way. Some of these currencies have been designed to cater towards people in very specific fields of interest.

One particular currency has been introduced as a means of promoting the online gaming community. Skincoin tokens are being offered in a crowdsale to the public. These coins are designed to support on online gaming industry and its ongoing development.

600 million SKIN tokens were made available with a value of 6000 SKIN per 1 ETH. The ETH refers to Ethereum, a prominent cryptocurrency. The general goal was to raise 100,000 ETH in the month-long ICO. This will create a strong layout for investment that will be intriguing for people to watch for.

About the Skincoin

The Skincoin was designed by numerous people who work within the online gaming industry. Alexey Zakharov and Igor Solomatin and many others in the field have been working on the currency plan. The general goal of the team is to promote special cybersports functions. The turnover for the team involved with the app is listed at around $1 million per month.


The work that the people involved has helped people to recognize how well cryptocurrency could be used in the gaming field. Such currency can be used for online betting activities as well as for the purchase of game skins. The in-game economy for many avenues could be impacted in a positive light thanks to how cryptocurrency works.

The Skincoin can prospectively be used for trading skins in many prominent esports games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2 among other things. Cryptocurrency works by allowing people to use money for virtual processes among other things.

Cryptocurrency can be used for placing bets on competitive events as well. The online esports gambling industry has been growing over the years to where it is worth around $3.3 billion. Millions of gamers are participating in the field. This makes it to where many gamers could potentially get the currency to become very popular.

The Main Goal

The general goal of Skincoin is obviously used to handle trading and wagering functions for digital goods in virtual games. But eventually the currency will be used for many additional gaming services including for casino activities. The potential for the skin to grow and become more prominent is certainly something to watch out for.

The Skincoin operators are looking to grow the currency to be used for online gaming activities in all forms. This includes working with many partner sites that will utilize the currency for many special actions. An exchange could even be established to produce a strong layout for handling transactions that involve the currency.

The exchange could also be a profitable endeavor. There would be a 10 percent difference for buying and selling goods through that exchange. This is to produce a good layout for managing different items of value.

The Skincoin team is aiming to introduce APIs that can take in SKIN payments as well. This would help with improving upon how the currency can be spent in many forms. This is all to produce better betting functions that are easy to handle without being overly rough to use.

The Skincoin ICO


The maximum cap for the Skincoin tokens would be 1 billion in value. About 600 million of those will be available to crowd sale investors. Another 300 million will be used for the SKINCOIN Foundation until the exchange is made official, thus ensuring there will be a big market that will work well. The rest will then be sent out to team members in a five-year period.

The ETH-only crowdsale

for the SKIN ICO will also offer 20 percent bonus. 0.1 ETH or 600 SKIN must be spent as the smallest possible ticket size while the highest value could be 18 million SKIN or 3000 ETH.

Additional information on the currency can be found at The site has regular information on everything that is being offered.

The development of this cryptocurrency is expected to be important for people to watch for. The chances for the currency to grow and become strong will be important for people to watch for as there is a great chance for the currency to influence the online gaming and esports fields.

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