What You Need To Know About Online PayPal Casinos

PayPal Casinos
PayPal is the most popular online money transfer platform. Since its establishment back in 1998, it has grown regardless of its legal status in processing of online payments. In most online retail stores, it is common to find the option to use PayPal as your mode of payment since it is expected that the better fraction of customers has PayPal accounts.

Although it is not a popular option, PayPal can be used to finance online casino accounts. As a limited company, PayPal has several policies governing online gambling which is more of a caution meaning that it only allows a small number of gambling sites to have it as a payment option. Regardless of its strictness, it remains among the best ways to transfer gambling funds to Paypal online casinos where it is offered.

Is it possible to use PayPal at online casinos?

Your ability to use PayPal money transfer at online casinos depends on your home country and the online casino you intend to play on. This is because PayPal extends its tight controls on how their services can be accessed for gambling purposes to internet casinos.

In a simpler language, they only permit licensed online casinos to accept deposits from them. They can, however, only do so within the legal boundaries which they are licensed. For instance, a licensed online casino offering their services in the United Kingdom can apply with PayPal to allow customers I to fund their accounts. However, suppose the same company extends its services to the United States, PayPal will restrict deposits to that site since it has no jurisdiction in the US.

As much as these restrictions limit the number of internet casinos that have PayPal as a payment option, there is still a good number of sites that have passed verification and are eligible to accept payments via PayPal.

How can I make deposits using PayPal to my online casino account?

Surprisingly, making a deposit using PayPal is a very easy process that takes a short and precise procedure. If the casino you have signed up for accepts PayPal, it should be among the payment methods listed on the site’s cashier page. Go ahead and click on it to select it as your payment method. Once you choose it, determine the amount of money you would like to deposit. At this point, you will be directed to your PayPal account where you are expected to log in. You will then be taken through verification steps similar to the ones you would go through when making an online purchase. This process takes roughly a single minute in reliable internet connectivity. Once the payment is done, the funds should reflect in your casino account immediately.

Why is it recommendable to use PayPal?

PayPal is one of the best platforms to complete online transactions such as casino sites deposits. This is because it is fast, secure and reliable. A typical transaction using PayPal only takes a few moments, like a minute or so to complete. Moreover, there is minimal risk of insecurity concerns such as identity fraud when using their services.

PayPal is also flexible. It gives you the option of either using money that is already in the account or link your personal bank account or any other financial service provider to draw funds for the deposits and purchases you make.

It is also possible to receive withdrawals for online casinos via PayPal. If the casino you opt to sign up for accepts PayPal, it will act as a tool for moving your money around.


Why is PayPal unavailable at many casino sites?
PayPal prohibits the use of their services in any gambling-related activity. However, it has exceptions which dictate that the gambling company should be licensed by the relevant authorities. These sites have to prove that they can restrict the participation of individuals from other unregulated jurisdictions for qualification. Users from the United States cannot access sites under other jurisdictions, implying that sites that have US account holders do not allow PayPal, except for the few ones that are available in regulated state markets.

What are the options available of PayPal is not offered?
If you prefer using an e-wallet, you can use Neteller and Skrill both of which are widely accepted by most gambling sites. You may also deposit using a credit card, bank to casino transfer or prepaid options such as Paysafecard.

What is the deposit limit?
Deposit limits depend on the site. All sites set a wide range that accommodates the needs of most players. You can, however, make special arrangements with the customer service department if you intend to deposit an amount higher than the limit. Depending on the activity of your account, PayPal also limits the amount you can spend in deposits and purchases in a single day.

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